Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Breakup Poems For Boyfriend

10) The system of my life has been hacked

All the files of my love have become corrupted

I can’t access any folder of my emotions

All operations have been disrupted

I will have to do an update

In my heart’s anti-virus software

So that bugs like you don’t enter

And give my system a scare

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11) Dear ex-boyfriend….

As if it was a crispy cracker

You broke my heart

If I knew you would do this

I would have been careful from the start

As if it was a delicate glass

You shattered my soul

In my life I wish I never gave you

Such an important role

12) Why can’t you understand

That when you let me go

You showed me your selfish side

And you stooped really low

Why can’t you understand

That our breakup broke my heart

You threw away your own life with it

Because you still hadn’t seen the best part

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13) Just like how a boxer practices

On a punching bag

You punched my heart

And let my life sag

Just like how a logger

Ruthlessly chips away wood

You chipped our relationship into pieces

In a way that I never thought you would

I hate you

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